Some of people opt for a mobile home since it is very comfortable and convenient. It can bring you anywhere you want and will make you experience a lot of things. When opting for a mobile home, you need to take some things into consideration aside from the fuel, vehicle, and other things. Some of the people will always want to think about the materials and equipment. But do you know that insulation is also important? Your vehicle will be your home so it needs to be equipped with materials that will make your stay more comfortable and convenient. If you are having some problems, spray foam insulation Waco, TX will be of help to you. Having a good insulation will make sure that you will be warm during winter or cold seasons and cold when the air outside is hot.  

You can also ensure that the mobile house will be more convenient when you seal the air leaks. But the question is, which is better, spray foam or fiberglass insulation?  

There are two options you have: fiberglass where you need to remove the drywall and install the material in the cavities, and the injection foam, that can be installed from the outside without tearing down your drywall. You also need to understand that when choosing the right service, you need to take into consideration if the service provides you the best installation service. Insulation needs to be properly installed since it will cause problems and issues when you do not take into consideration the skills and proficiency of the workers.  

Fiberglass insulation is a traditional material used in insulation and its cost consists of fine glass fibers. On the other hand, spray foam creates air barrier and is considered to be Class One fire rated. The spray foam creates air seal in the ceiling, unlike the fiberglass that allows air movement which can lead to more energy consumption.  

When it comes to ease at installation, sometimes it becomes a case-to-case basis. However, fiberglass may need more installation process. Also, because it allows air movement; you need to deal with moisture coming from the air outside. Moisture is very dangerous and damaging since it makes the ceiling damp. A damp environment attracts molds and mildew that can be damaging to your health. Molds and mildew can cause different kinds of irritation such as skin rashes, eye reddening, or cough, depending on the amount and duration of exposure. There are even cases that worsen into respiratory problems like asthma and others. This Is where fiberglass may not be the best fit for your mobile home.  

On the other hand, spray foam is prayed directly from the outside and this does not cause any difficulty in installation. You will also not disturb wires and other things, Also, it does not cause air movement or airflow so you will be safe from molds and mildew.  

Which is better? From our perspective, the better insulation is the spray foam as it provides fewer advantages for your mobile house. However, you need to consider the kind company you will be hiring before you consider an installation.