Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Do you really make all your own products, or are some imported?

    A. We really, truly, do all the sewing ourselves! We are a small group of work-at-home mothers and grandmothers, plus office staff to answer the phone, pack and ship orders, and we're very, very supportive of the concept of made-in-the-USA, for many reasons. It's always a good idea to help your own neighbors earn their living, and when you buy products made in your own country this is exactly what you're doing. It keeps your own community stronger, and if our neighbors are employed, that's just so many more hands helping to carry the tax burden. In addition to helping us earn our daily bread, you're also supporting our suppliers: the many fabric manufacturers and distributors who provide us with the raw materials we use, the UPS driver who delivers our fabrics, Tom from FedEx who carries away our heaviest packages, the mailman who always finds room in his truck for one more box... the list goes on and on.

  • Q. What are your shipping methods and rates?

    A. We ship by a combination of First Class and Priority Mail; occasionally a heavy parcel will be sent by FedEx. All shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and APO/FPO are sent through the United States Postal Service. Our shipping rates are listed on our shipping rates page.

  • Q. Once I place an order, how quickly can I expect to receive it?

    A. In-stock items are shipped within seven business days. Custom items will take longer; please read our delivery time page for current turnaround times.

  • Q. Do you have a catalog available?

    A. No, sorry, we don't. We can keep our website fresh and up-to-date in a way that would never be possible with printed catalogs. Since our fabrics and products change frequently, any catalog would be obsolete before it even came back from the printer.

  • Q. Can I get a sample of your fabrics before placing an order?

    A. We regret that due to time constraints as our business grows, we can no longer offer sample swatches. You may purchase a quarter-yard cut of any of our fabrics to see if the color and design is what you need. This is a linear cut, 9" x the width of the fabric, not a "fat quarter". Since many of our fabrics are larger scale prints, a quarter yard cut will give you a much better idea of the overall effect of the design than a little snippet could.

  • Q. Is it possible to coordinate fabric(s) with my existing decor?

    A. If you have wallpaper samples and/or paint chips available, you can mail them to us and we'll make a recommendation.

  • Q. How do I care for my items?

    A. Complete care instructions for any of our products can be found on our care instructions page.

  • Q. How can I buy your products?

    A. Our products may be purchased online.

  • Q. Can I call you with my questions?

    A. Yes, our phone number is (716) 662-8002. If we can't get to the phone or we are closed, please leave a message!

  • Q. How long will the fabrics you show still be available?

    A. Whenever possible, we try to "buy ahead" so that we can have the line available for a year or two... sometimes longer, so that you can add to your collection a little at a time. The holiday fabrics, though, often go out of print within a single season.

  • Q. Is there a wholesale price on your home decorating (sewn) items?

    A. At the present time, we are so busy keeping up with our retail orders that we could not possibly take on wholesale customers and still continue to provide the best possible service and turn-around time on orders. So we will accept the fact that we are, indeed, a small business, and just do what we do best: sewing good quality items, one at a time.

  • Q. Is it true that she who dies with the most fabric wins?

    A. Well ... ummm... she who dies with the most fabric ... is still dead!

  • Q. What if I have another question to ask?

    A. Please just e-mail us!