Draft Stoppers

Now you can stop using rolled-up towels against your doors and windows! Instead, use a draft stopper in a fabric to match your decor. Our draft stoppers are heavy (more than four pounds) so they will stay where you put them, and will not roll away from the door as lightweight ones do.

Because there is a layer of vinyl inside the fabric outer cover of our draft stoppers, you can safely spot clean the fabric. (Please do not immerse or soak your draftstopper, though!) The vinyl keeps the filler dry: an important consideration if you have melting snow or other wetness to contend with.

Our draft stoppers are not scented (because some noses are sensitive to fragrances).

Measuring 8" in circumference, they will cover a gap that's about 1.75" high. If your gap is higher than that, you can stack two on top of each other.

Draft stopper prices:

18" - 36" length: $19.00
37" - 42" $21.50
43" - 48" $24.00
49" - 52" $26.50

Sorry, we don't make longer lengths.

Draftstoppers - keep the cold air out!